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Maurice van Venrooij (1977)  is a contemporary artist who explores the behavior of geometric shapes within a pre-defined set of (geo)metric rules. He works meticulous with ink on paper or more robust in large scale murals. The fixed set of parameters allows Maurice to explore all creative possibilities within, which results in larger series of geometric abstract drawings and paintings.
“Because my artwork is non-figurative, I suppose most people will then classify it as abstract, conceptual or even minimalistic. I mostly see my work as living art systems built with geometric shapes or elements; a fluid pattern that I'm able to capture in a specific moment in time. My study as an architect at the TU Eindhoven has provided me with the fundamentals. The architectonical principles of line, dot, square, grid and zoning are still a mayor influence in my artwork today.“ 

News / Media
​​​​​​​In 2023 Maurice van Venrooij was selected from an open call by the Municipal of Helmond to create two large murals (each almost 6 x 10 meter) for the new Council Chamber. These abstract wall paintings were executed with a singular, repetitive shape that followed a grid & flow of a woven structure. The marks made represent all the cities residents and entities -past, present and future- who are all part of the Democratic system which the Council has to govern wisely.​​​​​​​
“I truly enjoyed the creation of this work. When the parameters of these  wall paintings were set, I just knew I wanted to involve the residents of Helmond in the execution of it. Each mark of the residents would bring extra meaning to my artwork; the council would be visually linked to the people in the city. ”
The last part of the mark making was executed by citizens and representatives of various organisations of Helmond. 
Video interview (2024) Murals New Council of Helmond:
Can we work together?
I work in commission: geometric abstract murals ánd works on paper.  If you have a project or idea that might fit my practice, call or send and me an email with the details of the project and we can talk about the options and my working process. 
or call Tel. 06 14 54 67 38
Exhibitions and projects
Group exhibition Cacaofabriek | Helmond (upcoming)
Wall paintings (execution) | Council chamber Helmond, April 2024
Duo exhibition "Filter" Cultura | Ede (with Berber Theunissen)
Solo exhibition Galerie 2020 | Otterlo
Study trip | Germany 
Wall painting (commissioned) | new council chamber of Helmond
Study trip | Italy
Solo exhibition Natlab | Eindhoven
Solo exhibition Nesterlé | Nistelrode 
Art in Practice  - General Doctor's practice Stiphout (Helmond)
Do you want to collaborate with me in an upcoming exhibition or event? Reach out with your details and information and I will get back to you to talk about the options.

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or call Tel. 06 14 54 67 38
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